/Earthbound Comic Archive


/Earthbound was begun as a fan comic project in Spring of 2002. It was an attempt to re-create the story of Earthbound with a few minor additions and character explorations. Originally my interest in the comic waned and it ended prematurely in September '02. I picked it back up the following Spring, adding a few strips though still not getting very far. The project was ended at strip 40 in August '03.

This is now just an archive of the /Earthbound webcomic project. Since this isn't really an "active" website I've removed the extraneous sections such as "About" and "Links." I don't think there's really anyone around to miss them.

Anyone interested in what I'm doing these days(or who wants to contact me) can check out the main Paperninja website. It is basically nothing at all like a webcomic or Earthbound, but it's technically artwork that I've made. You've been warned.